Agreement Modification Sample

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This amendment agreement can be used to modify or modify an existing contract. It should be used to document revisions, additions and deletions of the terms of a fully executed active contract. Once the amendment is completed, the agreement should be signed by both parties and certified notarized. Submit and retain the modification of the original contract so that anyone reviewing the contract knows that it has been amended and is therefore no longer representative of the entire contract. When you have to change certain conditions, it`s often easier to change a contract than to create a brand new one. If you include the changes in writing as a separate document in the original contract or with a complementary contract, it is possible to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding. There may also be situations in which the parties to the contract decide to deviate from their agreement, but do not wish to make any changes to the agreement. This may be the case. B, for example, when one party authorizes the other party to share information with parties other than itself, even if the language of the contract expressly prohibits such action. They may view the granting of a permit or waiver of a provision as an amendment, although it is more often referred to as a “waiver” or “consent.” While an amendment makes changes to the agreement, a waiver or consent allows for this action even if it is prohibited by contract.

It is therefore important and recommended to make a waiver or written consent. This amendment is made to the present contract [contract number] previously executed by [AGENCY NAME] and between [AGENCY], referred to as “[AGENCY]” and TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER, [Office or School of Texas Department or Department of `Agency`, below referred to as “TTUHSC”. There is also space to include custom modifications based on the needs of the lender and borrower. Once the agreement is reached, both parties should sign the document before a notary and have the notarial document certified. Each party must keep a copy of the agreement and deposit it in the same place as keeping its copy of the loan agreement, so that all the conditions of the notification are in the same place.