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The vision of Antare and The ALP. I SPAC announces that they have reached an agreement for the two companies to merge, The reason for the merger is to offer support and an acceleration of the growth trajectory of Antare`s vision from creation to the present day. Alp. I will invest 70 million euros and, after the acquisition, I will take over about 12% of the company based in Brescia. The general approval meeting for the business combination will take place in February 2019. In line with the vision of Anta and its shareholders, it was decided to leave the number of warrants and transformation shares for investors unchanged, despite the 30% reduction in the ALP. I investments (which would generally have led to a proportional reduction in warrants), which increased leverage in favour of any ordinary investor. Governance: You understand and accept that this agreement is governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the United States of America, the State of North Carolina, County of Buncombe, without the principles of legal conflict coming into force. In the event that a provision of this Agreement is found to be unlawful, consider and accept that this provision may be dissociated from this Agreement without impairing the applicability of all other provisions.

This is the entire OF the UTILISATOR ACCORD relating to the object mentioned in it. ALP may at any time change the user agreement and privacy policy at its sole discretion. You understand that the notice to update or amend this Agreement will be communicated to you in full by the publication of an amended agreement on the ALP website. Any legal action or proceedings related to this website are only brought before a federal or regional court with jurisdiction in the United States, the State of North Carolina and Buncombe County. The project was supported by a vehicle company of Von Sargas, Guido Barilla`s ad hoc car company, which holds the following shares: Inpar Investment Fund, H14 (Berlusconi family) and Antonio Belloni. The sargas will have about 14% of the social capital after the combination. Well, with the agreement with ALP. I, the goal is for the combined company to be listed first on AIM and, later, on the MTA. It is specifically used in contract law to agree on an agreement that resists legal scrutiny, even if the parties may have common interests (for example. B employer-worker) or are too closely related to be considered totally independent (for example.

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