Brampton Fire Collective Agreement

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November 30, 2020, North Battleford, Sask. – The City of North Battleford, Sask. has approved a new collective agreement with the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) Local 1756. Jan.`s four-year contract, 2019 to Dec., 2022 provides for a 2% pay increase for each of the first three years and a 1.8 percent increase for the fourth year for a first-class firefighter. Battlefords Now reported. | READ MORE All reports on medical exposure and Haz-Mat are completed electronically and submitted to the Benefits Committee. The form is easy to find on the home page, and click on the exposure report icon on the right side of the page. See the picture If anyone has any questions, comments or concerns about the new exposure report, please contact Benefits Rep directly. Mike Roy at or by cell at 416-899-9559. As with most technological changes, some challenges may face some users, however, the benefits are worth it. Buying gift cards? Well, you can help support the children`s Christmas party and other events.

The form can also be filled out and submitted on most smartphones, but some users may have to click “Turn off the mobile topic” at the bottom of the mobile homepage. Your email address will not be published. The required fields are marked – If you log on to the site, you can buy our 2018 Care Enough to Wear Pink- Duty Shirts. These shirts are only available to MEMBERS of the OFFES. Click here to complete the electronic report on injuries, illness all members are reminded of the importance of completing exposure reports. These relationships are essential if a person develops a disease that could be due to the performance of his or her duties within the OFFE. Please check for COVID 19 pandemic updates often. An important message from your paramedics – firefighters If you complete the report, make sure that each field is closed if a particular field does not apply to your depot, just indicate N/A in that field.