Breakfast Club Agreement

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It is necessary for all parents to pay for their child`s place when organizing the Breakfast Club if they do not participate, z.B. if they are not in school for health reasons. This is necessary because we are financially committed to providing staff and breakfast every day of the week. Make sure you have completed and provided the attached registration form and agreement to the school. It is a not-for-profit service that is offered to help parents and caregivers and provide good quality in front of the school. It is important that all payments are paid in advance to ensure that we can cover the club`s operating costs and maintain a good service. We are now a cashless school, so it will not be possible to bring money as before. The children are gathered, they will not be able to visit the club that day. We have taken strict measures to protect everyone. At Larchfield School, we believe that breakfast is an important start in children`s daily lives. Children can start the day with a good breakfast and enjoy a series of activities related to the school program with their friends. The club is run by school staff, so the children are familiar with the staff.

Councillor Ms. Lawson has successfully completed the Level 2 course – Food Safety and Hygiene. Parents should take their child to school at 7:45 a.m., where a member of our breakfast club team picks them up through the front door of the main school. Make sure your child can be taken to school at 7:45 a.m. If your child is not here for 7.45am, if the children receive a healthy breakfast and are made available with a variety of activities to participate in activities such as ping pong, puzzles, construction toys and games. The cost of each session is $2.50 to pay on the first day of participation. Parents must take their child to the door every morning and report their arrival to an employee. Please don`t leave them at the door.

This will give us an opportunity to get important messages across. Created with School PWA – the website and parents web for Breakfast Club schools must be booked for the entire duration or half-time in advance from September 2020. Places at the Breakfast Club are limited, it is important to contact the school office regarding availability before participating, especially if you only need occasional space. Activities range from math games, writing, puns, art and design, quiet reading, help with home learning and personal development.