Copy Machine Service Agreement

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The risk of being inundated with maintenance costs is enough to realize the benefits of signing a service contract, as it is important to remember that all machines will experience downtime and the less they are maintained, the greater the risk of downtime. It is also worth mentioning that most contracts are charged for a non-existent duration and for any non-contractual service requested. Many lease agreements may even explicitly provide for the existence of a service contract for the aircraft. Even if your lease does not require a service contract, it can be quite risky to waive the service contract on a leased device, as the lessor requires the device to be in full condition after the lease agreement expires. No one wants to be charged an invoice to repair a device when the rental agreement expires. Most copier contracts (also known as photocopier maintenance contracts) offer you a minimum number of clicks that are billed to you each month. It doesn`t matter if you go below this amount – you will always pay this minimum amount. Of course, if you go there, you have an extra charge! Make sure you understand the overtaking before signing, so there are no surprises later. It is also common for the service provider to try to distinguish prices between included clicks and exceedance clicks. This is done to get more “guaranteed” or “expected” clicks in advance and not get most of their funds in excess. In the event of a breakdown, your productivity can stop.

A service contract guarantees you faster service to customers who don`t have a contract. In addition, most contracts allow for regular preventive maintenance that can often resolve issues before becoming critical. The information on this page has been designed to give an overview of the options available to companies looking for the maintenance and upkeep of photocopiers. It should also be clear that investing in quality service is a must if you want to ensure that your photocopier continues to work as well as possible. Items that are not included in service contracts are usually: ultimately, photocopier service varies slightly from provider to provider, but some common services are offered in most photocopier maintenance contracts. Most photocopier suppliers offer “bumper-to-bumper” type coverage, which means they cover everything that is part of the normal and continuous operation of the machine (so – paper and parentheses do not count). 11. All service calls outside the 8-mile radius are subject to a travel fee of $35 USD due to the increase in gas price. If you have any questions, please contact our service. What if you want to keep printer and photocopier support, maintenance and accessories in your own organization? You only want to dedicate an IT person or have your support calls handled. It`s your choice, but have you thought it through? Studies have shown that 23% of support calls impact print-related topics and that these calls take up 15% of support staff`s time.

Is there anything else these employees could do to move your business forward instead of dealing with paper traffic jams? You know how much you are paying them; A traffic jam of paper at their salary level becomes expensive paper. These are not your grandfather`s photocopiers; Your staff would most likely need training, which will further increase costs. This article provides an overview of printer and photocopier service agreements so that you understand the terms of your registration. This bandwidth is wide, but there is a reason for this. What would lead you to have such high costs on one device, but at such a low cost on another? It comes down to the device you buy and the toner you use. For this, I have a few points: 1. The size of the device. If you buy a small printer, the toner cassette will be smaller.