Danish Standard Housing Tenancy Agreement

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If you move into a rental agreement, the landlord has the right to charge them the financial guarantee. If the landlord rents more than one rental agreement, there must always be a control under the Rent Act. But if the owner only rents a rental contract, he is not obliged to arrange an inspection. However, it is recommended that you look at the condition of the lease with your landlord anyway. This is recommended because the rules of the collection report are often of great importance to the tenant and the landlord`s relationship when you need to move. If you wish to leave the tenancy agreement before the notice period expires, your landlord is required to find a new tenant as soon as possible if the lease is still to be leased thereafter. If your landlord finds a new tenant to take over the lease, you will be excused by the payment of the rent when the new tenant moves in. The lease and other leases must be written down if you or your landlord wishes. A verbal agreement can also be a fully binding agreement, but it can be difficult to prove an oral agreement in situations where you need it. That`s why we recommend you have it written.

The rental agreement is the written contract between you and your landlord. The lease agreement is legally binding between you and your landlord. It describes the lease and you and your landlord`s obligations and rights with respect to the lease – for example, if there is no lease agreement between you and your landlord, there is no reason to panic. Your statement of account and/or receipts for the payment of rent, security deposit and advance rent can be considered as proof that you are renting the rental agreement. If your rental period. B is limited to 6, 12 or 24 months, it is not necessary to grant a written termination to your landlord after the expiry of the period, since you have already agreed the duration of your stay in the rental agreement. If the landlord rents more than one rental agreement, there must always be an inspection at the time of the extract, according to the rent law. The inspection must be announced no later than two weeks after you have moved. External maintenance includes both components outside and inside the lease. As a general rule, anything that cannot be classified under the concept of internal maintenance – that is, whitewashing, painting, paper and floor painting – belongs to external maintenance. As a general rule, the lessor is the external subsistence obligation and is therefore required to maintain the lease.

New rules come into force in the Rent Act from 1 January 2019. This means that you can now digitally terminate your rental agreement by mail as long as you and your landlord have the mail. If you don`t have mail from your landlord, you should mail your notice. If your landlord only leases one rental agreement, the landlord is not required to conduct an inspection if you move. However, the owner must bring his remediation requirements to your knowledge within two weeks of the start of the move. The owner must inform you of the defects to be repaired in the rental agreement and the price to be paid.