Define Rebate Agreement

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The process of setting up discounts in SAP SD consists of ten steps: credit rebates are discount agreements in which discounts are received by a supplier. Different validity time: When we check this field, the validity of the delivery file may differ from the validity of the delivery contract. Type of contract 0001 (group discounts) This type of agreement creates conditions for a combination of debitor/material or a group of debtors/discounts. The discount group is a field in view of the material-selling base Org.2. Additional discount groups can be created as customization. The debitor is the payer, and the discount is shown in a percentage. If the discount agreement is not very specific (as would be the case if a group of debtors/discounts is used as a criterion), you must indicate a discount product used in payment cards, for example. B credits. As a general rule, you need to set up a set of materials for a dummy material and then use it in billing documents.

The delivery facility in the basic rate of materials falls, if necessary, into the payment documents for determining activities. Choose the compensation method for the discount agreement. Values are proof of accommodation, cheque, credit, debit, design and electronic transfer. A discount agreement stores discount data and controls the entire processing of discounts. Price rates for processing rebates are also stored in the discount agreement. You can create a discount contract for a particular customer using the SAP menu – Logistics – Distribution and Distribution – Basic Data – Agreements – Discount Agreement – Creation (VBO1). In the first screen that appears, you indicate the type of discount agreement and the organization data for which you want to establish an ebate agreement. Standard SAP offers five types of discount agreements to choose from: Manage billing equipment in a discount agreement In a standard system, four types of discounts are available. You are: If you select an item or category as position type and quantity as a layer base, enter an item ID or category and enter a basic amount of discounts and a discount base.

Click this button to send the vendor contract. The delivery contract must be approved before you can ship it. When you click the button, the system automatically executes the “Send Discounts – E-Mail” (VRBTDISP) multi-procance command.