Dhs Cooperative Agreement

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Bilateral CAAs signed by the United States on the effective date of this rule include agreements with El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras and still have fewer complex waivers than the U.S.-Canada agreement, eliminating the need for a consultation period corresponding to the consultation period authorized by the U.S.-Canada agreement. [11] In addition, the extension of the procedures for screening for the thresholds underlying this rule, to allow foreigners to establish “more likely than not” prosecution or torture in the host country, offers additional procedures that go beyond what is available under the implementing rules of the U.S.-Canada agreement. (6) Agreement on cooperation in the field of asylum. Immigration judges are empowered to consider the issues referred to in section 208(a)(2)(A) of the Act as to whether an alien does not have the right to seek asylum and should be deported to a third country under a bilateral or multilateral agreement, only in respect of aliens who have introduced DHS in removal proceedings under section 240 of the law. pursuant to 8 CFR 1240.11 (g) and (h). For the DHS rules regarding immigration officers` findings on this matter, see 8 CFR 208.30 (e) (6) and (7). (7) Where an immigration officer has made an initial finding that an alien who is not described in subsection (e) (6) of this Section and whether or not the foreign national arrives at a port of entry appears to be subject to the terms of an agreement approved in accordance with section 208 (a) (2) (A) of the Act, and requests the alien`s removal in accordance with that provision, Before determining whether the alien has a credible fear of persecution or torture, the asylum officer conducts a threshold check to determine whether the alien is not authorized to seek asylum in the United States and is subject to removal to a country (“host country”) that is a signatory to the applicable agreement that, in accordance with section 208(a)(2)(A) of the Act, is not allowed to apply for asylum; with the exception of the agreement between the United States and Canada, which entered into force in 2004. In conducting this threshold screening interview, the asylum officer shall apply all relevant interrogation procedures listed on print page 64009 described in paragraph (d) of this section, except that paragraphs (d)(2) and (4) of this section do not apply to foreign nationals described in this paragraph. .