Double-Tap For Our Top 5 Instagrammers!

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Favorite Instagrammers

One amazing perk about working in the social media industry is discovering fun and talented individuals. Last time, we introduced you to a few, amazing Seattle Bloggers. This time we want to introduce you to our Top 5 Instagrammers, each distinct with his/her own style and content.

Starving Photographer (Mahesh Thapa)

When I’m on my daily Instagram run, I often scroll down with no particular intention in mind. I easily zip through the usual selfies, food pictures, cat pictures, but I always pause to marvel at shots of majestic landscapes, wild animals, and products of mother nature that will make your heart skip a beat. Out of the many photographers who do this: our muse, Mahesh Thapa is undoubtedly good. Mahesh takes the most vibrant and breathtaking pictures for your viewing pleasure. He can take any scenery from nature to look like a replication of your dream. The colors of his photos are exaggerated, you’ll wonder, “wow, how can a sunset look that deep purple/pink/blue/grey?” You can’t help but double-tap on the Instagram.

When Mahesh is not busy with his work at Seattle Children’s Hospital, he’s thinking about “taking, processing, and printing images.” Having travelled to many different parts of the word, Mahesh has captured and delivered nature’s beauty to his audience by a simple sharing device, Instagram.

Seattle Instagrammer

Mahesh doesn’t post every single one of his wondrous photos on Instagram, so be sure to browse through his online gallery on his website.


Nordstrom on Instagram

Nordstrom’s  Instagram account boasts a simple statement: shopping is a lifestyle. Nordstrom’s IG explores and showcases many different sides to a fashionista’s life. Even at a glance at their IG account, we are showered with a diversity of photos ranging from runway shows to must-have items, celebrity sightings and other lovely eye-candies. Nordstrom knows they are America’s favorite shopping destination, and Nordstrom brings their favorite imagery and experience to Instagram.

 Nordstrom on Instagram

I love how Nordstrom has become a part that has made my Instagram feed whole. Nordstrom always gives me fun styling inspirations and I get a special glimpse of the “other-side” of the feed. Nordstrom does a great job at capturing the lifestyles of the company, which are more inviting and interesting than pushy sales attempts. Nordstrom loves sharing their life with us, and we love that they do this. After all, Instagram wasn’t made to drive sales, but allows companies and celebrities to connect with fans and audiences.

Side note: If you’re still stuck on the assumptions that the main goal for social media sharing is for selling, review our piece on the importance of sharing!

WITHHEARTS (Cory Staudacher)

Cory Staudacher’s photos can be described as dreamy, hauntingly beautiful, with hints of coldness being a unifying theme of his collection. They’re profoundly emotionally, invoking and enticing.

WithHearts on Instagram

Let me briefly go into more detail on our next Instagrammer: Cory Staudacher is a Seattle native, and he calls himself a creative director & designer. He’s worked with developer Rhen Zabel in 2010 to start Davasso, a design studio for non-profit organizations and businesses.

As a Seattleite, Cory knows better than anyone how to put Seattle’s cold charm to work by transforming the region into a beautiful sight. His photos make us, and fans realize why we love our rainy city. If you want to explore more of his work, you know what to do. Follow, follow, follow!

dangerusswilson (Russell Wilson)

Russel Wilson on Instagram

He’s the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, he’s got plenty of love for the 12th Man, and he’s perfectly ok with sharing his personal life with the rest of us. As mentioned before, the magic of Instagram can instantly bring people together. Even celebrities who have their lives portrayed on camera and thrown into the public eye in a somewhat skewed representation, can spotlight their persona in a more personable introduction; a perfect example being Russell Wilson, thanks to Instagram.

12th Man Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson does a great job at sharing his life’s adventures on Instagram by creating an engaging platform for the public to observe. From looking at his Instagram, we can tell a few things: 1) Russell loves his dog. 2) He and his wife, Ashton Meem, are just adorable. 3) He’s wonderfully charitable. 4) He’s just as human as all of us are.

What better way to connect with beloved fans than letting them in his life. The fact that he’s showing us that he’s just like us, and he loves to show that side of him, makes us love him even more!

FSSeattle (Four Seasons Hotel Seattle)

Four Seasons Seattle

What welcomes tourists more than a set of wide open arms, right? That is the very vibe we get from Four Seasons Hotel Seattle’s Instagram account. Their pictures are the reason why your stay at Four Seasons Hotel Seattle will be as cozy as your grandparent’s house, and as luxurious as any high-ranking hotel.

Four Seasons Hotel Seattle’s Instagram uploads consist of picture-perfect views from the room, the welcoming interior, the mouthwatering selection of edibles that you can enjoy at the ART Restaurant & Loungeand other goodies that are worth sharing with their followers.

FS Seattle on Instagram

Each picture is an effortless documentation of an ideal stay at the Emerald City. I once had a fascination with the hospitality business and how hotels try to make their brand echo your needs during your stay. I genuinely like Four Seasons Hotel Seattle’s approach. Similar to Nordstrom and Russell Wilson, Four Seasons Hotel Seattle reaches out to their fans by being approachable. On top of that, their Instagram account looks like a mini flip book, which I absolutely adore!

Who are your favorite Instagrammers? Share with us in the comment box below!