Eea Agreement Annex Vi

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Federal Minister for Labour and Social Affairs, Vienna, in consultation with the Federal Minister of Environment, Youth and Family, Wien ANNEX VISOCIAL SECURITY INTRODUCTIONI the legal acts covered in this annex contain terms or refer to procedures specific to the Community legal order, such as. B preambles;- recipients of community acts; – references to EC territories or languages; – references to the rights and obligations of Community Member States, their public institutions, businesses or individuals; and references to information and notification procedures; Protocol 1 on horizontal adaptations applies, unless otherwise provided in this schedule. SECTORAL ADAPTATIONSI. For the purposes of this annex, and notwithstanding the provisions of Protocol 1, the term `Member States` in the above acts includes, in addition to its importance in relevant Community acts, Austria, Finland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.II. For the purposes of applying the provisions of the acts covered in this appendix, the rights and obligations conferred on the Administrative Committee of Migrant Workers to the Joint Commission for the Social Security of Migrant Workers and the rights and obligations conferred on the audit committee of that administrative commission are assumed by the EEA Joint Committee, in accordance with Part VII of the agreement. ACTS REFERRED TO1. Council Regulation (EEC) No. 1408/71, 14 June 1971, relating to the application of social security schemes to salaried workers, non-salaried workers and their family members who move within the updated Community to: – 383 R 2001: Regulation (EEC) No. 2001. 2001/83 Council of 2 June 1983 (JO 22.8.1983, p. 6) and amended by:- 385 R 1660: Regulation (EEC) No. 1660/85 of June 13, 1985 (JO L 385 of 13.12.1985) No. 160, 20.6.1985, p.

1), – 385 R 1661: Regulation (EEC) No. 1661/85 of the Council, June 13, 1985 (OJ L 165 of 13.12.1985, p. 1). 1 85 I: Treaty Conditions and Adaptation Act – Accession of the Kingdom of Spain and the Portuguese Republic to the European Communities (OJ L 160, p. 7), ( 15.11.1985, p. 170), – 386 R 3811: Council Regulation (EEC) 3811/86 of December 11, 1986 (OJ L 386 of 11.12.1986, p. 19). L 355, 16.12.1986, p. 5), – 389 R 1305: Regulation (EEC) No. 1305.

1305/89 Council, May 11, 1989 (Regulation (CEE) No. 2332/89 of July 18, 1989 (OJ L 131, p. 1), p. 1), No. 224, 2.8.1989, p. 1), – 389 R 3427: Regulation (EEC) No. 3427/89 of October 30, 1989 (JO L 344 of 11.12.1989) No. 16.11.198) 9, p.

1), – 391 R 2195: Regulation (EEC) No. 2195/91 Council, 25 June 1991 (OJ L 291 of 16.11.1991) No. L 206, 29.7.1991, p. 2). The provisions of the regulation are read for the purposes of this agreement, with the following adjustments: (a) Article 1, paragraph (j), third paragraph, does not apply; (b) Section 10, paragraph 1, of the Regulation does not apply to the Federal Old Age Supplemental Benefits Act until January 1, 1996; Survivors and disability insurance (c) Article 88 the terms “Article 106 of the Treaty” are replaced by the terms “Article 41 of the EEA Agreement” ;(d) Article 94, paragraph 9, is not applicable; e) Article 96 does not apply;f) Article 100 does not apply;g) Schedule I(I):Mr. AUTRICHE does not apply. FINLANDThous person who is employed or self-employed under the employment pension scheme legislation is considered to have a job or a self-employed worker under Article 1, (a) (ii) regulation.O. ISLANDE Any person employed or self-employed within the meaning of the provisions of the Social Security Act regarding occupational injury insurance is considered to be a worker or an unpaid worker within the meaning of Article 1, point (a) ii) of the Regulation.P.