A growing international spirits brand was looking to increase their social media presence – likes, followers, and impressions. They were following proper social media etiquette by consistently posting to their social media profiles, but, given their support from celebrities, their social media presence was dismal. The challenge was to ramp the social media profiles quickly, but keep within the brand’s image and messaging.


We developed a unique social media strategy based on intensive research on the brand’s competitors and their social media campaigns. This social media strategy included a full content calendar with brand authentic messaging to provide Twitter followers, Facebook fans, blog readers, Instagram followers, Pinterest followers, and Tumblr followers with exclusive and relevant information to attract and maintain new, loyal followers, likes, and customers. We established and maintained relationships on Twitter, Facebook, and the blogosphere with social media influencers in relevant industries/fields. We engaged with the online communities proactively and reactively and executed the campaign in proper social media etiquette accordingly. We also developed a program of contests and incentives using new social media software to establish and maintain a loyal fan base.


Through an integrated social media strategy, minimal Facebook advertising, celebrity support, we increased Facebook likes for the brand by 20,000 and Twitter followers by 3,000 within four months. The brand receives over 20 million impressions per month on the social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter). We utilized the social media platforms to increase awareness and answer questions for customers (e.g. direct customers where to buy, costs, flavors, recipes). Through social media amplification, we increased awareness and attendance for the spirit brand’s events all over the world.