Senior Housing Referral Agreement

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Passing a law is often a frustrating and exhausting process, where lobbyists and lawyers paid to protect the interests of their clients (here the owners of some referral and mediation agencies not all) cut and perhaps splice the bill. A Place for Mom, for example, has repeatedly expressed strong objections to restrictions being placed on the way they do business. Also keep an eye out for new laws that affect employment agencies in your state. A bill was recently introduced in Oregon that would require transfer agencies to obtain certification from a state department and follow certain rules. This would be a significant change for an industry that has largely operated with little regulatory oversight. To find out what industry professionals think about Bills in Washington and Oregon, we reached out to three insiders: Jamie Callahan, founder and owner of a local care and wire transfer agency in southern Oregon; Jennifer Cook-Buman, owner of, a consulting agency for seniors` housing; and Liz Fischer, owner of Right Fit Senior Living Solutions. Despite the fact that many of those who run facilities or run their own referral and mediation agencies have expressed concerns about the lack of oversight, nothing was done to correct the situation until the Seattle Times published the first in a series of shocking briefings from across the country on the situation (Seattle Times, “Hundreds of adult homes hide abuse”, 9/2010). Following revelations of gross misconduct by institutions and transfer and placement agencies in Washington State, the state legislature was forced to act and eventually passed HB-1494, Concerning elder placement referrals (ELDER AND VULNERABLE ADULT PLACEMENT REFERRALS). Check out our free download: Checklist for selecting a senior referral agency.

If you or your parents decide it`s time for your parents to enter a senior institution or if the decision is made for you due to an illness or crisis, you should consider working with a referral agency for the elderly. These agencies will compose you with appropriate facilities in your community. Often, they do not charge a fee for the service because they receive a referral fee from the establishments where they place customers. We are engaged in a work-study agency relationship and are responsible for offering information and options to our clients or their legal representatives, while we receive funds from the housing or care provider for recommendations. . . .