Sun Collective Agreement Stat Holidays

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(c) A worker who moves from part-time to full-time status or vice versa is not required to complete a probation period if she has completed a probation period since her last date of recruitment. The number of hours worked immediately before the transfer is charged to the trial period if the trial period has not yet ended. 16.07 Notwithstanding the provisions of Article 16 above and elsewhere of the Collective Agreement, the parties may, by mutual agreement, agree on alternative flexible working arrangements. The Parties acknowledge that the provisions of Article 16, including a number of other provisions elsewhere in the Collective Agreement, may be amended accordingly to take into account the flexible working rules that may be agreed between the Parties. 18.04 Where a part-time employee who is entitled to a percentage in lieu of payment of benefits is required to work and work on a paid holiday mentioned above, the employee shall receive half (1 1/2) of his or her normal hourly rate of pay for all hours so worked. 20.03 The hospital shall make available to the union and to each employee information brochures indicating all the benefit plans defined in this article. The hospital shall make copies of the framework contracts available to the trade union on request. In the event of a discrepancy between the information brochures and the insurance policy, the insurance policy applies. Notwithstanding that provision, it is possible, by mutual agreement between the hospital and the Union, not to comply with the reporting requirements for those available posts, or another agreement may be concluded.

Within nine (9) calendar days of the decision of Stage 1, the worker, assisted by a union representative, may, if necessary, submit the written complaint to the hospital representative designated by the hospital for Stage 2. Within nine (9) calendar days of the filing of the complaint in Step #2, a meeting will be held between the representatives of the management of the hospital and up to two (2) directors and/or representatives of the institute, unless they are renewed by agreement between the parties. It goes without saying that the Grievor can participate in this meeting. A decision of the hospital must be in writing within nine (9) calendar days of the date of this meeting. 18.01 All full-time workers are considered paid leave. Full-time workers who are not expected to work on a paid holiday and who are demanding under Article 18.02 shall be remunerated for the following public holidays at their normal hourly wage: in the event of additional leave under the legislation, one of the above-mentioned public holidays shall be replaced, as defined by the hospital, and this designated leave is not added to the current number of statutory holidays. (a) When a worker moves to a temporary secondment outside the bargaining unit that does not exceed six (6) months, she must continue to accumulate seniority, service and benefits during that period and is returned to a position within the bargaining unit without loss of seniority, service or benefits. By mutual agreement between the parties, the duration of the temporary assignment may be extended. .

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