Team Building Exercises Based On The Four Agreements

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After that, we had a team brainstorming to see what we really needed to cultivate, to make them sustainable in the long run. It`s easier to make changes if you`re not overwhelmed and can focus on one thing at a time. So just choose an agreement every week for the next four weeks. For example, focus on being blameless with your word and talking about it for an entire week. Or focus on not taking things personally. In the last sprint retrospective of our software development teams, we talked about what we needed to do to stop the “good mood” of the company. Some key ideas have emerged: economic sustainability of projects, selection of projects that motivate the team, transparency and much more, which is quite useful. This is not a typical guide, but whenever we use it in a moderation or coaching situation, we often receive positive feedback from leaders and their teams. If you make exactly the right amount, you will be more productive and you will live life more intensely. If you like what you do, it means you`re doing exactly the right amount.

If you`re still doing your best, you won`t be yourself if something doesn`t go as planned – you`ll get up, brush yourself, and start from scratch. This agreement also works well if you find that you break the other 4 agreements 😉 First, a bit of background. The philosophy behind the Four Accords is based on the Tolts, a Mesoamerican culture and part of the Aztec civilization from 900 to 1060 AD. While the book itself was published more than 20 years ago, the underlying idea is not new.