Transfer Of Obligations Agreement

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(c) The other party may dismiss the contemptuous or retain the contemptuous as a debtor if the buyer does not act properly. Otherwise, the beneficiary of the honnexe and the buyer are jointly and severally liable. (b) The transfer of a contract is subject to the agreement of the other party. This consent may be given in advance or at the time the transfer is made by the beneficiary of the hant and the assignee. If the other party has given its consent in advance, the transfer of the contract shall take effect when a notice of transfer is made to the other party or if the other party acknowledges this. 3 If the transfer takes effect because all three parties have approved it, the assignee takes the contractual position of the contemptuous, that is, he is bound by the obligations of the contemptuous and becomes a creditor of the contemptuous`s claims arising from the contract. 1 Party autonomy shall allow the parties to assign individual claims under this contract to another person. It also makes it possible to transfer the full position of a party to another person who has not yet been a party to this Treaty. In essence, such a transfer is a combination of the assignment of all rights and the transfer of all obligations of the assignor to the new party.

4 The remaining part of the contract is protected in the event of a transfer. It may decide to completely reduce the burden on the manager. It accepts such a complete and final transfer only if it is certain that the assignee is as reliable and solvent as the Zdiger. The remaining party may also decide to retain the assignor as a subsidiary debtor if the assignee does not provide a service. The remaining party may also choose to make the beneficiary of the heliage jointly and severally liable with the buyer. In the latter case, the other party may assert its claim either against the beneficiary of the haunting or against the buyer. If the counterparty has a performance of the contemptuous, the latter would be entitled to a refund against the buyer. 2 The transfer of the position from the contemptuous to the buyer requires an agreement between them. Since the transfer has the effect of confronting the remaining party to the contract with a new party with whom it has not concluded the contract, this transfer also requires the agreement of that party. Such consent may be given by that party in advance or. B by trilateral agreement at the time when the transfer is made by agreement between the contempt and the buyer.

(a) The Contracting Parties may agree on the transfer of the rights and obligations of the Treaty Contemptuant from one Party (the “Contemptuous”) to another person (the “Buyer”) with the person who remains a Party (the other Party). . . .