Uber Data Sharing Agreement

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“This is a unique opportunity for businesses and governments to work together to rethink transportation,” said Jim Hackett, president and CEO of Ford Motor Company. “Cooperation through initiatives such as Shared Streets will allow us to share vehicles, road systems and data to create a new roadmap for mobility. We are working towards a future where all cities are smart and curb space is actively managed to improve efficiency and safety while reducing driver stress and pollution. *Our study, which we wrote about here, here and here, is based on 4-year qualitative data. In 2016, we conducted, recorded and transcribed 28-hour interviews: 11 current and former policy makers and municipal employees; 3 journalists and bloggers; 8 taxi drivers and work organizers; 3 Uber lobbyists and collaborators; 2 supporters of transport policy; and 1 disability rights lawyer. In 2019, we conducted repeated interviews with five of the initial participants and 25 new stakeholders. This year, we interviewed 15 current and former policy makers and municipal employees; 6 labour professionals and organisers; 6 transit experts and organizers; 1 lawyer for the rights of persons with disabilities; and 1 employee of the platform company. To contextualize and triangulate this data, we use analyses of political and media documents, field observations in the region, and a longitudinal study of 40 current and former Uber drivers. “Ride-sharing and car companies have collected a huge amount of data on transportation and traffic. Now, cities will be able to find new ways to deal with traffic jams, reduce carbon emissions, prevent road accidents and prepare for the arrival of autonomous vehicles,” Said Michael R. Bloomberg. “This is a great example of how governments and businesses can work together to solve difficult problems and build a better world – and I want to thank all the companies involved.” Please consider this email in response to your request for “The Data Sharing Agreement Signed by Uber and the City of Boston.” About SharedStreets The SharedStreets suite was first funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies and developed by NACTO and the Open Transport Partnership. It is a neutral and anonymous clearing house for data collected by transport providers, private companies and government authorities, as well as a hub for industry-leading data analysis, traffic planning, road development and the development of new technologies.

The platform overcomes long-standing legal, regulatory and technological barriers between the public and private sectors by transforming for the first time the various current sources of transport data into a common, readable and common global standard. It introduces a universal language for the digital description of all aspects of urban roads, opens up new markets for private sector innovators and eliminates the need to manually “clean”, collect and transfer data sources, saving significant public funds. Visit the SharedStreets project online at SharedStreets.io. The data sharing agreement signed by Uber and the City of Boston…