Usda Cooperative Agreements

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(c) THE ENF: (1) to maintain procedures for responding to allegations or cases of research misconduct that have the following: (i) objectivity; (ii) an appropriate procedure; (iii) protection of whistle blowers; (iv) confidentiality; v) a timely solution; (2) conduct an immediate investigation into all allegations of non-compliance with the research; (3) conduct an investigation where an investigation establishes that the allegation or overt case of a search offence has a substance; (4) an adequate separation of responsibilities between those responsible for the investigation and the persons responsible for the decision; 5. Inform FAS of the results of investigations and investigations into allegations or cases of research infringement; and (6) On request, the FAS-Hardcopy (or website address) will provide its policies and procedures in relation to search misconduct. (d) research misconduct or allegations of research misconduct are reported to the USDA Research Integrity Officer (RIO) and/or the USDA, Office of Inspector General (OIG). (1) USDA RIO can be reached at: USDA Research Integrity Officer, 214-W Whitten Building, Washington, DC 20250, phone: 202-720-5923, e-mail: products or benefits of the final grant and the cooperation agreement. The material result of a grant or cooperation agreement established by the recipient for the execution of the purpose of the award. These are kept separately from other program registrations and may contain items such as a: A cooperation agreement reflects a relationship between the U.S. government and a recipient and is used when the government`s purpose is to assist the intermediary in providing goods or services to the authorized recipient. Successful application allocation and cooperation agreement case files. Official registration of applicants` records kept at the minutes office. files containing registers of individual grant or cooperation agreements.

Records include, but are not limited to: (a) publications. The FAS and the federal government enjoy a free, non-exclusive and irrevocable right to reproduce, publish or otherwise use materials developed in conjunction with a financial support activity or federal contract under such an agreement, and to authorize others to be used. (1) NFS must recognize assistance to the FAS, whether in cash or in kind, in all publications written or published with the assistance of the federal award and, where possible, at each publication reporting on the results of activity supported by the federal award or describing: “This material is based on work supported by the United States.