What Is An Area Development Agreement

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Within 30 days of receiving the franchisor`s written location authorization, the MRD will execute the individual franchise agreement and pay the full balance of the original franchise fee. Under no circumstances can the MDR begin the construction of a restaurant or open a restaurant until, among other things, the full initial franchise fee for that restaurant is fully paid and the individual franchise agreement for that restaurant is executed by both the franchisee, who operates in accordance with the PRESENT MRDA, and by the franchisor. 5.3 Credit versus departure fee. For each full service coffeehouse developed by the developer in accordance with this agreement, the developer receives a credit of $5,000 against the starting fee at the time of signing the franchise agreement, up to a maximum cumulative number of full service coffees that the developer has required to develop under Schedule B. Developers do not receive credit for the upfront fees of Diedrich coffeehouses that are kiosks or coffee cars, nor do developers receive a credit for full service coffeehouses beyond the minimum development requirement. A. Upon implementation of this agreement, the MRD pays the franchisor $40,000 ($40,000) in credits against the initial franchise fees of the first restaurant to be developed and (ii) twenty thousand dollars ($20,000) multiplied by the remaining number of restaurants to be developed under this agreement. The balance ($20,000) is due to the proceeds of any remaining franchise agreement, all amounts recovered are considered to be fully earned immediately after receipt and are not refundable. No renouncement of the company to a violation or series of violations or a series of performance violations or losses by the developer and no negligence, refusal or negligence of the company to exercise a right, power or option granted to it under or under another franchise agreement between the company and the developer , whether before, after or at the same time with the implementation of this agreement (and whether it is related to the Diedrich Coffeehouses) or to the strict implementation or strict compliance of this agreement of the developers` obligations under this agreement or to a franchise agreement between the company and the developer, whether it was concluded before, after or at the same time with the execution of this agreement (and whether or not related to the Diedrich. , constitutes a waiver of the provisions of this agreement with respect to any subsequent violation of that agreement or a waiver of the company`s right at any time after requiring that the provisions of this agreement be respected in a precise and rigorous manner.