Five Seattle Bloggers Everyone Should Love

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Seattle Blogs We Love

Seattle is home to many beloved bloggers, who are not afraid to write about the world as they see it. They are young, cultured, and possess unique personalities. Social Werks Communications chose five of our top must-read Seattle blogs, and they’re definitely worth the read.

Alix Hernandez (Alix Rose)

Alix Rose Seattle Blogger

“Sweet yet sassy” sums up one of our favorite Seattleite bloggers, Alix Hernandez, better known as Alix Rose. She receives endless love from the blogosphere for her humorous writing and fashion sense.

You don’t have to browse past two pages to tell that she’s full of character and spunk. One of her recent posts titled “Trends: Ross Gellar Would Have Loved These, But Would You Wear Them?”, a clever reference to an episode of “Friends,” was enough to win our heart over.

There is something about a blogger who is very active and engaging on social media. Just take a look at Alix’s Twitter (@alixrose). We love how she makes the effort to respond to everyone – and she genuinely sounds excited! Go ahead, tweet her something, and you’ll get some love back!

Also, check out her colorful life captured on Instagram @alixrose!

Jess Estrada (Fresh Jess)

Fresh Jess Lifestyle Blogger

Why we love her: she’s eclectic. She even stated it herself. The “Fresh” of FreshJess implies that she loves to explore and discover new, “fresh” things. Jess formerly used to work as the events director at the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce, and she initially used the blog to share the events she created with her friends and her family. She then discovered that she could use the blog to write about the many passions of her life – fashion, music, food, etc.

And what makes her even more awesome? She’s a philanthropist at heart. When she’s not talking about her amazing travel stories or ravishing about the must-try restaurants in town, she’s giving back. Last week, she spoke at CRAVE Seattle‘s monthly chat to discuss about how to “Be in a Relationship with your Blog,” where she shared with the excited entrepreneurettes on how to better their business. She also loves sharing with her followers all the cool events going around in the Greater Seattle area.

If you want to know more about her, she’s also active on social media! Reach her at @JessEstrada on Twitter or follow her on Instagram @jessestrada!

Cassandra LaValle (Coco + Kelley)

Cassandra Lavalle Lifestyle Blogger

She’s a traveler, a fashion enthusiast, a designer, a thinker, a stylist. If you didn’t know her before, you do now. Cassandra LaValle, the owner of the lifestyle company Coco+Kelley, is an avid believer of her own philosophy: “Life is in the details. Style accordingly.” Just like her philosophy, she has her eyes on all aspects of life. She loves to focus on how different things come together to create a masterful whole. Whether it’s putting together the perfect outfit for any occasion, or arranging the interior to build any ambience imaginable, Cassandra knows how to piece the puzzle into any form of art.

There’s nothing that stops Cassandra from expressing her creativity. (Did you know that she has an entire section of her blog dedicated to the color spectrum?) Perhaps it’s all the inspiration she absorbs from travelling or the new and fresh perspectives she gains from all the cool events she attends (keep up with her blog for updates!). Whatever it is, she always manages to bring in novelty and diversity to her contents.

If you are a visual person, we highly recommend you to check out her Pinterest account for some intense visual stimulation. Her boards are full of eye candy from so many different categories.

Mollie Ruiz-Hopper (Mollie In Seattle)

Mollie Fashion Blogger

“Because giving back is fashionable.” This bold statement is by none other than chic and candid, Mollie Ruiz-Hopper. She claims to have started the now-popular blog while watching a blog. (Hmm, wonder what she was watching that pushed her to make this great decision!) Her blog is full of delightful event recaps, guidelines to a fashionable lifestyle, and a collection of visual goodies that just makes us go “Ooh! Ahh!”

Now back to her catchy statement. Her passion for giving back to the community is just incredible. Just look at her outstanding philanthropy resume: Make-A-Wish Foundation, The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, The Moyer Foundation, Team Up For Nonprofits, and One Day’s Wages. I think to say that she has a big heart is quite an understatement.

Her bubbly and honest personality is also apparent in various social media outlets. I can’t help but to think that her Facebook page looks just like an average person’s Facebook account. No fancy gimmicks or graphic designs; she likes to keep it simple, posting great links and photos that gives us a sneak peak of her colorful life.

Megan Thomas ((425) Mom)

425 Mom Blogger
Last but not least, we have Megan Thomas of (425) Mom. Megan is a proud wife and mother of two (and is expecting a third this coming May! Congratulations!).

At a glance, her blog is noticeably different from our other four favorite Seattle bloggers. The content ranges from pregnancy stories to baby products, but what stood out to us the most is her engagement in the mommy-blog community. Last Halloween, she was invited to the “Coca-Cola Social Media Moms Conference” in Atlanta, where she (with 20+ other moms who were invited exclusively for the event) met other influential mommy bloggers and attended product demonstrations from big-time companies such as Target and Odwalla.

This super-mom also loves sharing on social media. Her Twitter, @425Mom is never-ending with useful information. Her Pinterest is comparable to any home magazine. And the best (in my opinion), is her Instagram, which captures her life as both a career woman and a mother, keeping her life as real and candid as possible.


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